About Me

Vishwajeet Naik

(founder - The House Of Art)

A child Prodigy who loved playing with colours is at present an artist, muralist and photographer all blended in one vibrant personality Vishwajeet. Born and brought up in Pune, he has completed his Diploma in Fine Arts, where in he ranked 7th in the state and Diploma in Art Education, both from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya.

In-born talent, education and creativity have transformed this small wonder into a gem of an artist. With vast experience of art in various formats, media and subjects behind him, Vishwajeet has held numerous exhibitions all over the country. His work is respected for its uniquenessn in India and abroad.

Vishwajeet's mission

Hi strongly belives that "every chid has an in-born artist dwelling inside, waiting to express the beauty of the inner world and share his imagination. All the child needs is a creative outlet to blossom into the unique individual that he is created to be".

This thought process lead to the birth of a home grown art space called...."The House Of Art" having been in existence for six years now it has steadily attracted the young at heart to enter the world of imagination and enless hues.