Art Classes

Children Art Classes

The House of Art is a platform for children to express their tender feel of yhe world around in a most colourful way. Under the care and loving guidance of Vishwajeet each child blossom into an artist. House of Art is a natural environment, next to nature, a platform to launch your child into his rainbow of vision-visuals.

We provided classes for children above 4yrs age and we also train children for ELEMENTRY and INTERMEDIATE GRADE EXAMS.

Hobby Hops

Art in itself is freedom, hence age is not the concern and individuals of any age are welcome. We are already working with senior citizens who are joyfully learning to express the treasure of their life experiences in art form. Vishwajeet will steady your hand at art, and even beginners can have a go at it. Now, that's real freedom. COME ONE COME ALL!

LEARN IN MEDIUMS like charcoal, pencil sketching, water colour, acrylic colours and oil colours and subjects like portrait, landscape, still life and composition.